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Uno Aviation’s solutions support any kind of Chemicals,
Consumables ,Rotables.
We are available 24/7 to help the customer's needs.

We can offer best-in-industry pricing. Simply call us with your parts list. And 24/7 AOG service through our network of offices worldwide means you can get what you need to get airborne again quickly and efficiently.

We strategically stock high demand rotables
for our global customer base. Our inventory
includes but is not limited to :

APU & components
Engine LRU’s • Actuation
Heat exchange systems
Waste and Water Equipment
Galley and Lavatory Components
Emergency Equipment


When an aircraft part breaks down, allow our team to get you off the ground and flying confidently with our loans and repair management services. If you’re not ready to exchange a part or invest in a new one, Uno Aviation can assist in managing the repair, including piece part sourcing to assist in total cost reduction.
Uno Aviation has strong relationships with 90 repair stations worldwide. Our breadth of experience managing repairs and sourcing piece parts coupled with our extensive inventory can assist your organization with keeping costs and lead times in line while managing repairs.

Uno Aviation can offer you multiple advantages such
as infusing your operation with capital, while reducing
the overhead to store and maintain the equipment ,
and keep your aircraft operational.


Helping you save space and no need to maintain high cost units at your inventories, UNO AVIATION offers Exchange with competitive rate. 
Our units are provided with full certifications and traceability.


Our AOG team is available 24/7/365.
We stock thousands of line items of airworthy material that can always be dispatched within an hour. Please reach out anytime via phone or email for your urgent AOG requirements.


Uno Aviation has a large and growing inventory of expendables and consumables.
Our management program is designed to lower cost and increase efficiency. We are actively looking for opportunities to purchase large packages of these materials.


Uno Aviation is a company that offers long-term leasing options for planes. This allows individuals and businesses to have access to an aircraft for an
extended period of time, without the need to purchase a plane outright.

One of the benefits of long-term leasing with Uno Aviation is the ability to customize the terms of the lease to meet the specific needs of the customer. This includes the length of the lease, the number of hours the plane will
be used, and any additional services such as pilot training or maintenance.

In addition to offering flexible leasing options, Uno Aviation is known for their commitment to safety and reliability. Their fleet of planes is well-maintained and equipped with the latest technology, and their team of experienced pilots and mechanics ensure that each aircraft is in top condition.

For those in need of a plane for extended periods of time, Uno Aviation is a reliable and cost-effective choice.
Whether you are a private individual or a business owner, they have a leasing solution that will meet your needs.

Alger Corner Street and 2, Abou Bakr Al Bakalani Street, 3rd floor, Office n°11, Anfa, Casablanca, Zip Code : 20070, Morocco

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